How much does it cost to get your roof cleaned?

It truly depends on the size and condition of your roof, what area you are located in, and what company you use. Some roof cleaning companies have a minimum roof cleaning charge which you should be able to find on their website. This is because they may have to factor in the price of biocides (chemical roof cleaning solution), staff, and other costs.

Most companies will be able to send you a quote by looking at your house on street view and Google Earth.

Depending on your area, the average price of roof cleaning is £8 to £11 per square metre. The further you go up North, the lower roof cleaning prices are. So, based on who you decide to go with, where you are, and how big your roof is, you can expect to pay £450 to £800 for the average roof size (usually semi-detached).

Always take into account what condition your roof is in. If it is very old and in need of repair, you’ll find it difficult to get any professional company to want to clean your roof. If a company does offer, knowing the state your roof is in, they’ll probably end up doing a lot more damage than any possible good. 

Roof cleaners will also want to know what the access to your roof is like on your property. Difficult access may affect the price. 

Google Earth Measuring Tool to work out the approximate cost of cleaning your roof

Using Google Earth’s measuring tool, you can get a pretty accurate measurement of your roof. You can either do this on your computer or on your tablet or mobile. Here is a simple guide showing you how to do it.

> First, open Google Earth on the internet. If you are using a mobile or tablet to do this, download and launch Google Earth’s app.

Mobile and Tablet Version
Desktop Version

> Using the search button, type in your full address, and Google Earth will find it.

> If not already selected, click on the button that says “2D” so that it changes to “3D”

> Your view should look something like this:

> Select the Measuring Tool either to the left on the desktop or at the top on mobile and tablet.

> Simply click on each corner of your home to measure the area of your roof.

> Once all points are completed, you’ll get a final measurement of your roof:

> Finally, times your roof’s area (m²) by 9 (the average price of roof cleaning cost per square metre. You can times it by 8 if you live further up North) and you will have an estimate for how much it’ll cost to clean your roof. The roof demonstrated in the pictures is on the larger side.

Why do some companies charge a lot less to clean your roof than others?

When shopping around for roof cleaning quotes, you may notice that some companies charge a lot less than others. The saying, “you get what you pay for” definitely applies to roof cleaning.

Professional roof cleaning companies will charge exactly how much the roof clean is worth. On the other hand, a less professional roof cleaning company may charge just to pressure wash your roof for a lot cheaper. You should never pressure wash a roof. Pressure washing, or jet washing, will be detrimental to your roof and cause a great deal of damage to the tiles and shingles. 

If you hire someone to pressure wash your roof because it seems like a bargain, it may look great at first, but you can expect your roof to begin to deteriorate after the clean and to get even worse in the long run. Roof repairs or even replacements will cost a lot more than just getting your roof cleaned by an expert in the first place. Pressure washing damages the shingle, stripping it of its protective layer, and can even cause water damage to your property. Remember to look at reviews and see what other customers have said about the company you are thinking of using before getting in touch with them.

Is it worth getting your roof cleaned?

You may be wondering whether it’s actually worth spending a decent amount of money getting your roof cleaned. For a number of good reasons, it is. 

AestheticMost people get their roof cleaned for aesthetic reasons. Whether you are giving your house a complete makeover, or you just want to get rid of the grime on your roof, getting your roof professionally cleaned can make an enormous difference to the overall appearance of your house. 

As modern roof cleaning techniques and equipment are so efficient and effective, the difference between a brand new roof and one that has been cleaned can be difficult to see. Years of dirt, moss, algae, and lichen being washed away is an extremely satisfying process and customers are often blown away by the results.

Roof healthTo be honest, it’s unlikely that some moss and dirt on your roof will seriously damage it. Roofs are built to withstand the elements and bear up against dirt and debris. However, large amounts of moss, dirt, algae, lichen, mould, and mildew can begin to slowly decrease the health of your roof, causing problems in the long run. 

Far cheaper than roof replacement – There are some roofing companies out there that claim that the only solution for a roof caked in algae, moss, dirt, is a replacement. However, this is a myth. Roof cleaning is an inexpensive and effective method of removing not only moss and dirt but treating the lichen and algae that cling to your roof. 

When selling your property – When selling your property, you want potential buyers to see your home at its fullest potential. A good roof clean can cover its own cost when you see the valuation of your property increase. A dirty roof and unmaintained roof could cause your property viewers to imagine having to spend out a lot replacing the roof.

Commercial roof cleans – Getting your business property’s roof cleaned is always a good idea as it will reflect well on your business and make it seem more trustworthy, professional, and effective to potential customers.

Reveals damage – When assessing your roof, a roof cleaner will be able to see any holes, cracks, or loose tiles on your roof and advise you on it.

How often should you get your roof cleaned?

Depending on how old your roof is, roofers recommend getting your roof cleaned every 2 to 3 years. This will maintain your roof and keep it in its best condition. However, if you have many trees near your property and overhanging branches, cutting them back can greatly reduce the amount of dirt, debris, moss, and algae build-up on your roof. 

Not only do falling twigs, leaves, bird droppings, and other debris from leaves collect on your roof over the years, contributing to moss growing, but trees will also prevent sunlight from getting to your roof every day. Algae will thrive in dark, damp areas. The benefits of cutting back tree branches surrounding your property will save you from having to regularly get your roof cleaned and prolong your roof’s lifespan.

The different methods of roof cleaning

Scraping and biocide

First, the roof cleaner will assess your roof and check for any repairs. After the surrounding area has been prepared, your roof cleaner will scrape the moss off of your roof with a specialised moss scraping tool. 

Once the roof is free from moss, the roof cleaner will then apply biocide evenly to your roof and let it sit. This will kill organic growth such as lichen and algae. The biocide will activate every time it rains, keeping your roof free from spores and make it look as good as new.

Scraping and steaming

If you don’t want chemicals to be used on your roof, you can opt to have your roof professionally steamed. Cleaning your roof tiles after they have been scraped for moss, dirt, and debris with water and a very high temperature will not damage your roof. It will thoroughly clean your roof and remove years, even decades, of dirt and grime.

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Neither of these methods will cause any damage to your roof if they are done professionally.

Here at Local Roof Cleaning, we will always clear out your gutters free of charge and leave your property as we found it (with the exception of a super clean roof). 

If this article hasn’t answered a question you may have, please feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.