How do I clean the outside of my house without a pressure washer?

How do I clean the outside of my house without a pressure washer?

Is it a bad idea to power wash your exterior? Pressure washing, although it may be quick, easy, inexpensive, and safe on many surfaces, can do more damage than any good on certain types of exterior, such as siding. You have to also know how to effectively and safely use a pressure washer, as not doing so can be detrimental to some surfaces. 

So, if you want to spare yourself from the possible damage and repairs that can possibly result from using a pressure washer, what can you use that isn’t too expensive, works well, and is easy to use?

There are many alternatives for pressure washing the exterior of your house or property. Below, three are discussed: what they are, what they’re best used on, how to use them, and their pros and cons

Everbuild 404 Fast Powerful Fungicidal Wash

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This product is designed to kill and remove fungus and lichen from driveways, paths, patios, paving, and more. It can be used to kill mould, algae, moss, fungus, mildew, and lichen from the outside of your house. Fungal growth is very common in and around UK homes. Damp, cold, and dark environments are perfect for fungal growth. 

Everbuild 404 Fungicidal Wash is a powerful solution that will quickly eliminate such growth, remove fungus from outside walls and leave a film, or residual surface, that will prevent future fungal growth from infesting the surface you treat. Keep in mind it will take some time to work, but afterwards, your surface will look as good as new – fungus, mould, algae, and lichen-free!

How do you remove fungus from outside walls?

Everbuild 404 Fast Powerful Fungicidal Wash can be used on a number of different types of surfaces. From wood to siding, paving to render. This is a non-dilute product. Apply with a garden pressure sprayer or pump spray. 

As it is such a powerful solution, you only have to leave it for 20 minutes to activate and work. It will then proceed to kill organic growth and lift dirt from the surface you are treating. 5 litres will go a long way and can cover a lot of render and siding. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry. Tougher stains may require some bushing with a stiff broom and then rinsing. Results will show after a couple of days or less. 

Customers have said that Everbuild 404 Fungicidal Wash has returned its render to its former glory, completely eradicating any fungal growth, mould, lichen, mildew, algae, and green slime. 

Can you paint over green algae on a fence?

Painting over the green algae on your fence is a very temporary fix. Simply covering the algae will not kill the live spores in the algae. The algae will make its return within just a few months. What you can do is use Everbuild 404 Fungicidal Wash to treat your fence before painting it. Not only will this powerful treatment kill and remove the algae, but it will leave a layer that will prevent future green algae growth. This will not affect the paint. 


If the area you are treating is particularly thick with fungal growth, it may be a good idea to clean the area before using the Fungicidal Wash to achieve the best results.

Smartseal Moss Clear Pro - Highly Effective Concentrated Moss, Algae & Mould Remover

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How do you remove moss from concrete?

The Smartseal Moss Clear Pro is an effective and easy moss killer and remover. Clear Pro is safe and powerful on driveways, patios, paving slabs, walls, and roofs. 

How do you use Smartseal Moss Clear Pro? Always make sure that when using this product to remove moss from concrete the moss itself is dry. If you use this on a damp, overcast, and rainy day, the product will not be as effective and you may not be happy with the results. 

Moss thrives and is stronger when it is moist and damp. If the moss is dry it will actually absorb and draw the Moss Clear Pro into its roots.

If the area you are treating has a large amount of moss and it is built-up – the more product the better. Making sure it is saturated rather than lightly sprayed will produce much more superior results. 

How long does it take to kill moss?

Using Smartseal Moss Clear Pro, it’ll take a day or so. Keep in mind this product will require a second application in a few week’s time for the very best results. 

One customer on Amazon, however, said that although Smartseal’s Moss Clear Pro killed their moss quite quickly, it did not seem worth the money when you can buy vinegar “at a fraction of the price” and use it in exactly the same way. If, though, you don’t want the exterior of your home stinking of vinegar, Moss Clear Pro is the product for you.

After diluting about 150ml of Jeyes Fluid for every 5l of water, you can spray the moss-covered surface evenly with a pump-spray or watering can. Jeyes Fluid kills moss and makes it easier to remove once the moss is dead. If you are concerned about staining the surface you are cleaning, use a much more diluted formula.

Jeyes Fluid is great for killing moss, removing dirt and difficult stains. It can also be used to kill mould, mildew, algae, and fungi. You can use it on a variety of surfaces; wooden decking, paving slabs, concrete, tarmac, stone, and brick.

What is the best way to kill moss on tarmac?

Smartseal Moss Clear Pro is an inexpensive, biodegradable, and easy moss-killing solution for your tarmac. To kill moss on tarmac, simply dilute the Moss Clear Pro according to the amount of build-up of moss you have on your tarmac. As long as it’s applied evenly, you can use a watering can or a hose to apply. Don’t apply if rain is forecast in the next 24 hours as it will completely ruin the process of killing the moss. 

Having untreated tarmac can make it susceptible to a lot of issues. Moss and algae are just one of those problems. The results of maintaining your tarmac will be well worth the efforts and costs.

What’s the easiest way to kill moss?

It has been said many times that the easiest way to get rid of moss is to pour boiling water on it. You can even mix vinegar in with the water and then scrub off the moss with a brush. 

Although this seems quick, easy, and cheap, before you go outside armed with a kettle and a brush, there are a couple of things to take into consideration.

Firstly, although this method does kill moss naturally, it will likely not prevent future regrowth of moss, and you’ll find yourself pouring and scrubbing your driveway or patio more times than is necessary.

Another con of this “easy” moss-killing technique is that it requires hard work and effort – especially if you are wanting to kill moss on a large amount of area, such as a driveway. 

So, we’d recommend investing in Smartseal Moss Clear Pro. Not only does this product require little effort, but it will prevent moss from regrowing on your driveway for a much longer period of time than the boiling water method.

Wet & Forget Rapid with Sniper Nozzle

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What is Wet and Forget Rapid?

Wet and Forget Rapid is a unique product designed to kill mould, algae, lichen, mildew, fungus, and other green nuisances from a wide range of outdoor surfaces. At £45 it may seem a little steep, but this 5-litre container can go a long way and cover 20 m2 per minute. 

Wet and Forget Rapid can be used to clean mould, mildew, black and green algae, and lichen off of paths, patios, walkways, driveways, cladding, roofing tiles, all roofing, stonework, masonry, PVC, aluminium windows, gutters, retaining walls, canvas, docks, marine, and much more.

How do you use Wet and Forget Rapid?

Simply attach the sniper nozzle to your hose and fire away. One good thing about Wet and Forget Rapid is, unlike most algae, lichen, and mould killers, you don’t have to worry about mixing, diluting, and getting the right ratio. It mixes with the correct amount of water regardless of the water pressure of your hose.

Make sure you apply on a dry yet overcast day for the best results. Rain will affect the final outcome so make sure rain isn’t forecasted. As the name suggests, there is little effort required for this product. 

What next? Wet and Forget works in harmony with the weather, using the wind and the rain to eventually remove the green algae and mould from the surface you treated. It is absorbed by the algae and breaks it down, killing the live spores and preventing regrowth for up to one year. 

If there is live vegetation near the area or wall you are treating, make sure to wash it down with water first to protect it from damage as it kills organic growth.

How to get rid of green algae from siding

One of the best ways of removing green algae from sliding is using Wet and Forget Rapid. It can cover a large amount of surface in a small amount of time. Start at the top and work your way down. Wet and Forget Rapid reaches up to 20 feet and requires no ladders or pressure washing or even rinsing for that matter. Make sure you cover it as evenly as possible. Wait for 15 to 20 days for results.

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