Is Steam Good For Cleaning?

Is steam good for cleaning?

There are many reasons that steam cleaning is such a popular method of cleaning today. There are a variety of steam cleaning machines, products, and services available to people. Why is it so widely used? What are the benefits of steam cleaning as compared to any other cleaning method? What can you steam clean around your house? These questions will be answered in this article. Also see domestic steam cleaners on Amazon

What are the benefits of steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning…kills viruses, bacteria, germs, mildew, and mould. The killing of germs and viruses and sanitising your home has never been more important. With the COVID-19 virus, hospitals and care homes around the world use steam cleaning to effectively kill germs and bacteria. The high temperatures steam cleaning uses will leave no pathogen alive. Just as you would kill bacteria using heat, steam cleaning uses the same concept. This is one very good reason that steam cleaning is so efficient when it comes to cleaning and keeping your surroundings safe. 

eliminates allergens. As summer comes around windows and doors fly open letting all sorts of outdoor menaces enter your home. Many suffer greatly when it comes to allergies and pollen. Regularly steam cleaning your home’s surfaces can help reduce the number of allergens sitting around your house. 

is environmentally friendly and safe. Chemicals and cleaning products are all too common in many homes around the world. Steam cleaning will lift grease and dirt effortlessly whilst simultaneously killing germs. By using high-temperature water to do this, it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. Not only is steam cleaning effective without the use of chemicals, but it also cuts down on buying cleaning products with plastic packaging. Making a one-time purchase for your steam cleaner and then only using water makes steam cleaning one of the most eco-friendly cleaning methods out there.

gets rid of that lovely pet aroma. Keeping animals in your home can cause a number of health issues. Not only does a certain odor begin to build up, but animals can bring in fleas, ticks, insect eggs and larva, and other nasty bacteria into your home. Instead of having to constantly disinfect everything, you can steam clean your surfaces and get rid of that wet dog smell from your furniture. Steam cleaning will also kill microscopic pests that lay in wait on cushions and rugs. At the right temperature, some steam cleaners can also kill bed bugs.

can rejuvenate and refresh homes. The last reason that steam cleaning is one of the best cleaning methods out there is that it cleans so brilliantly, without much effort, and can be used on a variety of different surfaces. Years of dirt, grime, grease, and debris can be wiped away with a couple of strokes of a steam cleaner. Not only does steam cleaning remove dirt, but its heat penetrates so deeply that it can restore a surface to looking new once again. 

Yes, steam cleaning can certainly accomplish a lot around your house. But, how can you make the outside of your home look new again? Maybe you are selling your property or just simply want to freshen it up without having to replace anything. If that is the case, steam cleaning is the perfect, cost-effective method to get your home back to its former glory. 

We’ll now discuss how you can steam clean your home from top to bottom.

Roof Steam Cleaning

Can you steam clean roof tiles?

Instead of having to spend thousands on getting your roof replaced, you can simply steam clean it. But, is steam cleaning safe for your roof? Steam cleaning is completely safe to do on roofs and roof tiles and shingles. It is one of the most effective roof cleaning methods out there.

Will steam kill moss?

Steam cleaning a roof will not only eliminate dirt but will also actively kill any organic growth on your roof. Rather than using chemicals to kill moss, you can simply steam clean moss, lichen, algae, and mildew to effectively remove them from your roof. Steam will kill the root system of biological growth, making the regrowth process much slower. To slow down the process even further, you can use biocides that will leave a protective layer on your roof’s tiles that will discourage moss and algae from returning.

How can you make your roof look new?

Steam cleaning roof tiles can get rid of years of build-up of dirt, grime, lichen, mould, mildew, moss, and other debris sitting up there. If moss is heavily caked on your roof, you can hire someone to scrape the roof off and then use a professional steam cleaner to restore your roof safely from the ground – without having to walk all over your roof. Roof steam cleaning is also one of the quickest roof cleaning techniques for getting your roof looking new.

Fascias, Soffits, Gutters, Doors, Windows, and Siding Steam Cleaning

With the right equipment, you can successfully make quick work of cleaning the above. Everything on and around a house will eventually get dirty and need cleaning. One of the best ways you can do this is with a commercial steam cleaner and pole that reaches high enough to clean your uPVC. You can hire a professional steam cleaner to come and give your home a once-over with their steamer. Commercial steam cleaners will swiftly break down the build-up of dirt and grime and leave your property shining. 

You can use a steam cleaner to kill and remove mould and mildew growing around your windows and doors. Steam cleaning will also be effective in cleaning difficult-to-reach areas such as window openers and door tracks. You can also use a pressure washer to clean or use a whitener to brighten up your uPVC. Although, you may want to be careful when it comes to steam cleaning plastic as sometimes it can cause it to warp. Further into this article, we’ll look at some materials that should be avoided when it comes to steam cleaning.

Wall Steam Cleaning

You may want to steam clean a wall for a number of reasons. Maybe you are selling your property and want to freshen up some walls on it. Perhaps you have a business and want to make your property look more appealing. Or maybe you have some graffiti that needs removing from your walls. Fortunately, steam cleaners can not only remove dirt and grime from many types of walls, but they also can break up and get rid of graffiti on walls (at the right temperature of course).

Is it safe to steam clean walls?

Steam cleaning walls is perfectly safe for most wall surfaces. Not only will steaming your walls deep clean them, but it will also disinfect them and return them to looking like new. Years of dirt, pollution, dust, grime, algae, moss, germs and even graffiti can build up on your walls. Steaming them will not cause harm. You may want to be careful when steam cleaning bricks, however, as they are porous and too much heat and vapour may damage them.

Can you steam clean painted walls?

Some steam cleaners are so powerful that they can easily remove graffiti from walls. This means that using the wrong setting on your cleaner can cause damage to the surface you are cleaning. Steam cleaning painted walls may not be a good idea with the potential to strip away paint or at the very least stain and distort. This may occur when you leave the steamer on a certain section of the wall for too long and it causes more damage than any good.

Driveways and Patios Steam Cleaning

Can you use a steam cleaner on a patio or a driveway?

Using a high-pressure steam cleaner can blast away even the toughest dirt off of your patio or driveway. You can buy patio cleaning chemicals to clean your patio, but these often take a couple of weeks and even months to actually work. Using a steam cleaner, however, will effortlessly demolish any grime, dirt, algae, lichen, and slime that has built up on your driveway or patio.

Can you steam clean concrete?

Yes. In fact, steam cleaning is one of the most effective and efficient ways to clean concrete. Its high temperature and pressure will give concrete a very deep clean and can make concrete look new. Stains, gum, lichen, odors, and all sorts of muck can be lifted from concrete and washed away with a steam cleaner. Not only is it very thorough when it comes to cleaning, but it’s also quick and easy to use.

What can and can’t you steam clean?

You would be wise to avoid steam cleaning any surface or material that cannot withstand high temperatures. Although steam cleaning is such an easy and effective way to clean, do not be tempted to go around your house steam cleaning everything, as some surfaces can be greatly harmed if steam cleaned. 

Avoid steam cleaning: Porous surfaces, water-based paint, thin plastic, anything delicate such as silk or certain upholstery. 

Any other surface should be perfectly safe to steam clean.

Can you steam clean wood?

Steam cleaning wood can be a risky business. The high temperature and water vapour may greatly warp the wood you are attempting to clean. There are many other options out there for cleaning wood, just avoid steam cleaning.

Sodium hypochlorite

Another very effective way to clean exterior surfaces on your property is sodium hypochlorite. The article linked below discusses the many benefits of using sodium hypochlorite to effectively clean. It can be sourced on Amazon. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and is used by many professional roof and exterior cleaners around the world.